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Objectives Darusalam Community Centre
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  1. To endorse the wonderful religion of Islam, by fostering and promoting the moral and academic excellence in students.
  2. To make every effort to increase the tolerance and benevolence between Muslims and non-Muslims.
  3. To assist local Australian-Muslim youth who are in distress and misfortune, by teaching them a sense of responsibility through peace and mutual understanding within the community.
  4. Seek to identify disadvantaged groups and to facilitate access and participation in programs to suit their needs and increase community awareness of such needs.
  5. To provide a venue for sporting, religious, social and religious gatherings for the local community.
  6. To collate and make available literature which is of a religious or social nature.
  7. To foster and promote Islamic education, and the moral and academic excellence in ̈Muslim youth and children using a well-planned curriculum which is taught by concerned, inspired, and dedicated teaching staff.
  8. To provide Islamic knowledge to interested non-Muslims and promoting the associations belief in human freedom, equality, respect, dignity, and fraternity.
  9. To provide a source of knowledge through inspired, concerned, and qualified teachers who are dedicated to the reinforcement of culture amongst Australian Sunni Muslims children and youth and to assist new Muslim Australians in the assimilation in Australia.
  10. Provide Settlement services and support for new migrants settle into a new country
  11. To liaise and co-operate with local Councils, Law enforcement agencies and schools in order to promote the goodwill of the association.
  12. To establish a youth sporting facility for both males and females, and to promote and monitor the teaching of Islamic study programs.
  13. To establish and participate in fund raising activities required for the activities and facilities of the association.